Lares Trek Short
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Lares Trek Short 3 Days

Lares Trek was in many centuries ago, the Incas governed this vast area with bridleways, which was connected by thousands of miles of stone-paved highways.

Lares Trek Express
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Lares Trek Express 4 Days

Lares Trek is one of the most popular alternative treks chosen by travelers to Cusco. This route passes through typical local communities, enabling travelers to...

lares Trek Patacancha and Wiloq
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Lares - Patacancha - Willoq 4 Days

In the Lares Valley the Andeans are well known for the high quality of bright fabrics made of alpaca and llama so there is opportunity to purchase articles made from these fabrics. ...

Lares Trek Classic
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Lares Trek Classic 5 Days

Hidden beyond the Sacred Valley of the Incas lies Lares, a land forgotten by time. Low stone houses huddle into the hillside, their smoke blackened thatch, ...